Newsletters, SMS, Social campaigns

Meeting a customer who is right now looking for you – it sounds complicated, but it is very simple. Be where they are looking for you.


Collect smart data, contacts, create logical entities and customer groups, contact everyone by the datas


Data alone can’t do anything, you need to process it and extract everything important so that you know how to make a decision


Create advanced marketing plans that you can fully automate with the click of a mouse


Plug in the individual tools you already use, leverage global strategies and drive potential


What would be the point if it added more work to you – fully automate everything!


Comprehensible reports and analyses, from the marketer to the director – everyone can understand

A smart campaign is not about sending the same to everyone.

Smart marketing will ensure that your messages reach the right people and help them make a purchase or order from you. And it goes fast with us.

People respond to a smart campaign.

Today, social networks enable two-way communication, which most companies do not know how to use. And what about you?

Smart analytics

Thanks to saving information from previous campaigns, we are always one step further and know what appeals to customers the most.

Available from anywhere

Keep your smart insights and marketing automation setup together.

Proven results

Improving sales results, clicks, orders from smartly sent newsletters that your customers will love.

It’s really easy!

Whether you plan to send an e-mail newsletter, SMS, messenger campaigns or all together, with a smart connection to Autoto you can do it easily and your statistics will only grow.