Online payments

“Can I pay by card?” A standard question from many customers. Use the smart Autoto shop system to receive orders of your products and services, accept payments directly to your account, offline and online. Adhering to high security standards and speeding up the receiving of orders and money – these are just a few of the advantages of the

Sell, Analyse, React

Social networks – offer – order – payment. What do these matters have in common? They all lead to one goal – to make your customer happy. And make it easier for you to earn.

Restaurant, Artisan, Pharmacy, Sports, Health, Reality, Teaching..

Whatever your field is, make full use of the smart shop’s marketing and sales functions. From setting the storage capacity, importing products from WordPress (WooCommerce), setting variants and detailed parameters of products or services, to opening hours for hairdressers, car repair shops, and an integrated QR menu for restaurants with easy ordering of both imports and directly at the branch at the table. Notification of new orders directly to your system, possibility of activation and operation of the e-shop under your own domain.

But most importantly, full integration with robots and Autoto campaigns!

We understand the unique business needs of various industries, serving e-commerce merchants, financial advisors, hotels, restaurants and cafes, and consumer services worldwide.

Hygienic online menu and ordering system

Allow customers to browse your online and daily menu, save nature, and allow them to pay for their order straight away – the money flies directly to you. Without the need for direct contact and handing over cash.

Personal seller

A merchant who will sell your services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – connect the power of a chatbot with a sales application and let customers order and pay whenever they think they need you.

We process complex data so you better understand your users and ad performance.

From the first sight, to his successful purchases – lets go forward to your customer.

It’s really easy to get started with a chatbot using Autoto.

We use it most for the sales support of our Instagram profiles, the function of automatic replies to comments and thus controlled sales directly in the conversation with customers creates a large space for completing the omnichannel process of selling the product in an interesting amount.

John Collins